Applications open again for low emission transport projects

 Applications open again for low emission transport projects

The Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods has opened the latest round of funding to get low-emission transport ideas, off the ground.

The Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund encourages innovation and investment to accelerate the uptake of low emission vehicles, through 50 per cent funding for projects.

Minister Woods said the Fund has so far committed $29.4m in government funding to 180 projects, matched by over $62m in applicant funding.

“Over nine rounds, the investment focus of the Fund has evolved, from growing awareness and uptake of electric vehicles to expanding our public charging network and investing in New Zealand-first, innovative technology.

“Through the Fund, we’ve helped ensure Kiwis can charge their electric vehicles the length of the country and invested in work to develop battery repurposing and recycling. We’ve upskilled the industry, and organisations from small community groups to nationwide transport companies have shown there is a low-emission vehicle solution for just about every need,” Megan Woods said.

Minister Woods said the investment focus for Round 10 of the LEVCF, which has $4.5 million available, is focused on three main areas:

·         electric vehicle charging

·         technology and services

·         and demonstrating light and heavy low emission vehicles.

“There is still considerable scope for previous successful projects to be replicated, but in new sectors and applications. We also need to make the charging network denser, by filling gaps in the network and making more facilities available at key locations.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more organisations embrace low-emission vehicles and innovative transport solutions for their sectors.”

Applicants for the tenth funding round have until Wednesday, 14 April 2021 to submit their proposals to EECA.

For more information about the Fund, visit or email the EECA team on

For general information about EVs, see

Media contact: Liz Banas 021 805 845 


Round 10’s three main investment focus areas:

i)     Electric vehicle charging

(1)  Support the development of the public charging network by identifying and filling key gaps in the network, and by supporting EV (electric vehicle) charging stations in priority locations where further facilities are needed.

(a)  Priority for high capacity (multi-vehicle) chargers, with a minimum of 100kW.

(b)  Requirement for EV Roam compliance.

(c)  Preference given to projects with smart charging capability and demand management solutions.

ii)    Technology and services

(1)  Encourage low emission vehicle technology innovation, particularly Vehicle-to-X/bi-directional and smart charging technologies potentially resulting in reductions to peak electricity demand.

(2)  Support the development of LEV (low emission vehicle) maintenance, repair and other support services.

(3)  Support the development of battery recycling and repurposing services.

(4)  Encourage innovation in non-vehicle technology that can optimise the use of low emission vehicles (such as Mobility-as-a-Service applications and fleet optimisation).

iii)   Demonstrating low emission vehicles

(1)  Enable the demonstration and uptake of LEVs & heavy LEVs and associated technologies through high visibility projects in sectors of the economy where LEVs remain relatively unproven.

(2)  Make low emission vehicles available to businesses and industries where these vehicles are uncommon, but where there is significant opportunity to stimulate replication. These could be light vehicles (less than 3,500kg), medium vehicles (3,500-10,000kg) or heavy vehicles (over 10,000kg). These projects can include vehicles that have been demonstrated previously, but which must meet the criteria outlined in this section.

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