More beds, upgraded facilities for North Shore and Whangarei hospitals

 More beds, upgraded facilities for North Shore and Whangarei hospitals

120 additional elective surgery beds and four new operating theatres for North Shore Hospital

  • New endoscopy and cardiac care facilities for Whangarei Hospital
  • $224 million investment

More patients will receive the surgery they need following a funding boost to North Shore and Whangarei Hospitals Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today.

“It’s a priority of the Coalition Government to improve the wellbeing of all New Zealanders and their families and access to quality healthcare is a key part of that.

“This investment will make a real difference to patients and their families and to staff working at the frontline after years of underfunding of facilities in the northern region.

The Government will invest more than $200m in a new elective surgery unit at North Shore Hospital and $24m in new endoscopy and cardiac care capacity at Whangarei Hospital.

“These projects will ensure the people of Auckland and Northland receive the high quality hospital care they deserve.”

“We set aside a record $750m in this year’s Budget as a first step to rebuilding New Zealand’s hospitals so it’s pleasing to be delivering on our promise to ensure New Zealanders to have access to the health care they deserve.”

Health Minister David Clark said he was pleased with Waitematā District Health Board’s plan which is expected to provide for 120 additional beds and four operating theatres but also has been designed to allow for further capacity to be added as demand increases.

“This provides the opportunity for this facility to meet demand from elective patients from across the Auckland area and reduce waiting times,” David Clark said.

“At more than $200m – subject to the detailed business case now being prepared – this is a significant investment which will serve the needs of Auckland’s rapidly growing population for years to come.

David Clark said the funding package for Whangarei Hospital DHB would provide for interim surgical and endoscopy facilities over the next ten years while the longer term redevelopment of the hospital is planned.

The funding will also allow for the establishment of a cardiac catheter laboratory.

“The prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Northland contributes to the greater life expectancy gap between Northland and the rest of the Northern region and between Māori and non-Māori.

“The new cardiac catheter lab will mean fewer avoidable deaths through improved cardiac care for Northlanders and represents a significant opportunity to improve equity of outcomes.

“The North Shore and Whangarei projects bring this Government’s total investment in hospitals and other health infrastructure to over $500m since Budget 2018.”

David Clark also welcomed the release today of the four Northern DHBs’ Long Term Investment Plan.

“This valuable piece of work identifies potential responses to meeting the investment challenges across the northern region in the longer term.

“It is a significant accomplishment, and will be an important input into our investment decision making for the region for years to come,” David Clark said.

Update on capital investments from Budget 2018


  • $275m for Auckland DHB to address significant infrastructure challenges at Auckland City Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre

  • $8 million for Individualised Service Units at Capital and Coast DHB for our most high needs intellectual disability and mental health patients.
  •  $200m for a new elective surgery unit at Waitematā’s North Shore Hospital
  • $24m for new endoscopy and cardiac care capacity at Northland’s Whangarei Hospital

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