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Better childcare assistance for low and middle income families

The indexation of Childcare Assistance income thresholds to increases in the average wage will benefit 1,000 families, or around 1,500 children·         3,300 extra places in Out of School Care and Recreation ServiceThe Government is improving childcare assistance for low and middle-income families so more parents can access support.“From 1 April 2022, income thresholds for Childcare Assistance […]readmore

Child wellbeing reports highlight need for ongoing action

The Government has released the first Annual Report for the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy and the second Child Poverty Related Indicators (CPRI) Report, both of which highlight improvements in the lives of children as a result of actions of the Government, while setting out the need for ongoing action.  “Reducing the number of children […]readmore

Law simplifies and encourages child support

 Fairer and more effective penalty rules ·       Compulsory deductions of financial support from source deduction payments made by an employer for newly liable parents ·       A fairer definition of “income” used for child support purposes, and ·       A four-year time bar on the reassessment of child support The Child Support Act has been amended to reduce the scheme’s […]readmore